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Activating the LinSig software

Individual Computer Activations (typically for 1 PC, 4 PC and 10 PC Licences)

  1. Start LinSig and select the "Help -> About LinSig and Activations" menu option.

    The following window will be displayed. Click the "Activate" button to continue.

  2. The following window will be displayed.

    Ensure the "1PC, 4PC or 10PC licences" option is selected at the top. Then enter your Licence ID, Office Location and a Computer / User Reference.

    Your Licence ID will have been provided to you by JCT Consultancy and will be of the format Lxxxxx.

    Then click the "Continue..." button to proceed.

  3. The following window will be displayed containing your installation details which are unique to your computer.

    Email these details to "". You can click the blue link to automatically compose an email ready to send, or alternatively you can click the "Copy all details to clipboard" button and paste them into an email by hand.

    JCT Consultancy will respond to your email with an Activation Code. The Activation Code is unique to your computer.

  4. Enter the Activation Code into the boxes at the bottom. You can copy the Activation Code out of your received email and then click the "Paste Activation Code from Clipboard" button to paste the code in.

    Once you have entered your Activation Code, click "Continue..."

  5. Upon successful activation, the following window will be displayed.


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