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MOVA User Group

The MOVA User Group will be held at The University of Warwick on Tuesday 19th September 2017, immediately preceeding the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium & Exhibition.


Attendance is free of charge PROVIDED you have booked in advance.

We particularly encourage attendees to take the floor during the open session with specific topics, examples or experiences from recent projects, innovative solutions etc., which can form the basis of discussions. Amongst the topics, there will be discussion on the latest progress and requirements for MOVA.

If more detailed information is required, please contact Dr John Spence of JSTSM Ltd. (for example via He would also appreciate any advance notification or discussion from anyone who can speak on a specific topic.


Booking is only via JCT: please use the online booking form or print out a PDF Booking Form and send to JCT (please note the Booking Form is multi-purpose for both the Traffic Signal Symposium and / or the MOVA User Group).

If overnight accommodation is required before or after the event, you will need to fund this yourselves. JCT can book on campus Bed and Breakfast for £69.50+VAT for the preceding Monday night and Dinner Bed & Breakfast for £84.50+VAT on the following Tuesday evening. These are available conveniently on-campus and can be specified on the Symposium Booking Form.


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