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MOVA User Group

The MOVA User Group was held at The Nottingham Conference Centre on Tuesday 13th September 2022, immediately preceding the JCT Traffic Signals Symposium & Exhibition.

MOVA User Group Partners

The MOVA User Group is an independent event to the Symposium and is funded by Partners who are either MOVA providers or who have a legitimate interest in in MOVA. In return for providing the event free to delegates Partners will be privy to delegates names, contact email addresses, and may subsequently contact delegates to inform them of the latest developments in their products and services.

The following companies generously support the event this year:


The MOVA User Group took place on 13th September at Nottingham Trent University and was facilitated by JCT Consultancy. The MOVA User Group immediately preceded the Traffic Signals Symposium on the 14th and 15th of September and the User Group is free to attend PROVIDED you have booked in advance.

The MOVA User Group particularly encourage attendees to take the floor during the open session with specific topics, examples or experiences from recent projects, innovative solutions etc., which can form the basis of discussions. Amongst the topics, there will be discussion on the latest progress and requirements for MOVA.

The 2021 MOVA User Group attracted over 100 attendees and was well supported by leading MOVA suppliers and interested Companies. Technical papers are the bedrock of the event, if you have an idea for a MOVA paper we would like to encourage you to submit a working title and synopsis directly to the MOVA User Group. You can do this by signing up to the MOVA User Group Forum at, alternatively get in touch with JCT and we will forward your proposal to the Chair.


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