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Detailed Features & Capabilities

FlowRound's key features include:

  • Easy to build Lane/Flow Diagrams – A key requirement of many checking authorities
  • Multiple Origin/Destination traffic matrices for rapid assessment of varied options.
  • Automatic generation of routes through the roundabout with full manual override.
  • Automatic assignment of traffic flows to routes through the roundabout using entry lane balancing.
  • Flexible analysis of flow patterns which allow flow components to be viewed at any level of aggregation.
  • A Report Generator which produces reports in Rich Text Format (rtf), a format used by all common word processors such as MS Word and Wordperfect. Multiple report formats and templates can be defined and can include embedded graphics (e.g. stage sequences). The report generator will also appear in LINSIG as well in due course.
  • Flexible printing system capable of plotting lane flow diagrams up to A0 size.

Further information on FlowRound:


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