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FlowRound Free Trial

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You can download a Free Trial of FlowRound from here by clicking on the button opposite. This Trial Copy is an un-activated copy of the full FlowRound software and will operate in a default Demonstration Mode using the following restrictions:

  • New models can be created from scratch, but no changes can be saved.
  • Loading files is disabled (except the supplied Tutorial file).
  • Report Generator is disabled.
  • Printing is disabled.
  • DXF Export is disabled.
  • Copying the network diagram to the clipboard is disabled.

Note that you can choose to build an example from scratch or load the example file provided. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime during your evaluation for help on using FlowRound. A full User Guide is included in the download, and will install as a separate pdf file, which is available from your Windows ‘Start’ menu alongside FlowRound itself. Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime during your evaluation for help on using FlowRound and to discuss any feature.

Alternatively please contact us to order our Evaluation CD which includes this version of FlowRound along with our other Traffic Signal Design Packages. This is available free of charge within the UK and Republic of Ireland. Other countries please enquire.

Further information on FlowRound:


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